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Why you should choose Hampden, Emerson & Associates…

Hampden, Emerson & Associates, based in Denver, Colorado is a commercial debt recovery firm with a strong management team, each having a minimum of 15 years’ experience in Financial Consulting and Asset Recovery. Hampden, Emerson is unique in its tailored approach to debt resolution due to the advanced technologies we utilize today. With a network of over 500 attorneys nationwide, we can assist in commercial debt recovery efforts in all 50 states. We are one of the few U.S. based asset recovery firms that can assist in asset recovery in foreign countries. Its network of affiliated agencies around the globe, bring expertise to international debt recovery efforts.

Hampden, Emerson & Associates, an industry leader, prides itself on demonstrating tact and professionalism while aggressively recovering debt.

Our corporate services comprise trade network payment data, credit information, and unlimited-source credit outsourcing. We offer comprehensive credit reporting and monitoring, industry credit group management software, payment interchange networking, and credit risk and credit management workflow systems. Hampden, Emerson & Associates strives to provide first class technology solutions that empower Debtors to engage in resolving their debts due to our tailored approach based on the circumstance of each case that comes across our desk. It is our passion to provide a stress-free experience that incorporates dynamic options that facilitate the amicable resolution of debt.

Hampden, Emerson & Associates core business has been to provide Customer Service/Outsourcing and Third Party Debt Resolution services. We are professional and seasoned; our employee retention rate is among the highest in the industry today. Proprietary systems we utilize help track and locate individuals responsible for payment. Hampden, Emerson offers fully customizable programs that will ultimately increase your cash flow and maintain a consistent revenue cycle. Hampden, Emerson & Associates is a comprehensive accounts receivables management firm specializing in first party receivables outsourcing, pre-collections, and commercial collections. We customize our services to ensure maximum return on your international and domestic past due accounts. Throughout the collection process, we make it our business to take care of your business. We are also available to be your liaison should litigation become necessary, and our fees are always contingent upon recovery. Our clients can all capitalize on Hampden Emerson’s dynamic infrastructure of strong business ethics and powerful investigative capabilities.

Customer Service Representatives function as an extension of your organization. We contact your accounts to determine why balances remain open and to locate the party responsible for approving payment. Most customers never realize they are dealing with an outside company. In fact, Hampden, Emerson & Associates has a proven track record of not only maintaining, but enhancing the client relationship with current customers, while collecting outstanding balances.

Just as every client is distinct, Hampden, Emerson & Associates bases its fee structure on the nature of the collection program that we design for our client. All fees are contingent, upon litigation practices.


How to place accounts -

Whether it is one account or a large volume of accounts, placing with Hampden, Emerson & Associates is very simple. You can place/upload through our website portal, e-mail, or FTP in most electronic formats (such as Excel spreadsheet). The placement process is completely customizable – whatever is easiest for you. For those clients that may require assistance in establishing an automated process, we can provide the technical expertise to help extract and transmit your data securely.


What information is needed to collect my account?

To start the collection process, we need the name, address, contact name, telephone number, fax number and the contact’s e-mail address along with the outstanding balance and the invoice(s) information. Additional backup documentation (invoice copies, contracts, etc.) can be provided at time of placement or by request later.


Do you have a minimum number of months the account is worked before you close it?

Generally, we will work a file for 30 days, at which time we should have a determination as to its collectability. Should circumstances dictate, we could close earlier (bankrupt, out of business, skip, paid, or settled) or hold them (solid contact, negotiating payment, payment plans, litigation).


Collection Timeframe -

Hampden, Emerson & Associates begins contacting your customers within 24 hours of placement through all correspondence possibilities (phone, letters, e-mails, text, private investigators, etc.)


Litigation Timeframe -

The statutes vary from state to state, but typically it is anywhere from three (3) to seven (7) years. Of course, if a judgment is obtained, it is good for ten (10) years with an option to renew for ten (10) more years.


Litigation Fees -

The contingent fee rate does go up, but it includes all the contingent attorney fees and contingent suit fees. The only responsibility the client has would be for advance court costs, which may be recoverable in a successful collection. Also, if your claim goes to trial. In the vast majority of cases, there will be no witness requirements